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20 y/o recent college graduate Interested in game development
Touch typing
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I raised my average wpm from 60 to 110 by:
  1. Memorizing the keyboard layout I type in (QWERTY)
  2. Typing plain text everyday

I never learned to touch type using the home row. I still don't use the home row when I type. Memorizing the layout helped me a lot with keeping my eyes off the keyboard. Once I could visualize every key in my head, it took me ~1 month to go from 60 to 90 wpm average. It took me ~2 weeks typing 15 min/day everyday on typeracer to get the last 20 wpm.

It's worth the effort, if you work on your computer everyday.
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Touch typing
I learned to type by posting on forums 3 hours a day for 13 years. Coding was a simply natural application of my typing skills
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Touch typing
What really helped me to learn touch typing is this program called Typewizz: https://www.typewizz.com/ It is done pretty well and also quite fun. Around 10 minutes a day and you can learn typing in one month.