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Flo Pat
1 posts
I am a 17 year old student from Germany. My dream: One day, be a programmer
C++ DirectX Game Programming Tutorial by Chili
For all people, that want to learn Game Programming (or C++) from "scratch", please look at Chilis tutorials, they a very good! For the "advanced" people: He also has a series of 3D Programming Fundamentals. For more details look here: http://www.planetchili.net/
PS: I do not know if somebody else mentioned him here. If, feel free to delete this post ;)
Barret Gaylor
31 posts
I am a game designer who recently became interested in coding in a handmade way. I am not that experienced, but I want to learn.
C++ DirectX Game Programming Tutorial by Chili
I found another tutorial for directx here. So far this has been my favorite one so far.