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Demetri Spanos
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20+ years programming, 15+ years of professional computational mathematics/science expertise, from automated control systems to finance to physics simulations to natural language to statistical inference systems. Programming in over a dozen languages, but these days mainly C,Python, and LuaJIT. Ph.D. in certain aspects of distributed coordination systems, formerly visiting professor at the University of Southern California. Currently Founder/CEO of a small startup working on no-dependency machine learning plugins.
Computer Vision Tutorial Survey: Color Theory Concepts
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Here's another survey for the upcoming computer vision tutorial. If you're interested, help me make it the best it can be by filling out this quick survey!


Ben Visness
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HMN lead.
Computer Vision Tutorial Survey: Color Theory Concepts
I feel compelled to mention that I have a strong intuitive understanding of hue, saturation, and value, but I don't necessarily know how to calculate them.