Hi there,

I've filed a new "feature suggestion" with Microsoft to add an option that would allow users to revert the "sticky focus" behavior of the Visual Studio 2017 debugger watch window. In earlier versions of Visual Studio, hitting Enter would focus the next row, making it easier to enter multiple watch expressions manually. But in VS2017, hitting enter only "submits" your input and let's the focus stay where it was. And there's no option or registry hack or anything to get the old behavior back.

In some episode around day 400 of handmade hero, after switching to his new dev machine, casey also complained about this.

If any of you agree that this should be configurable then I'd appreciate it if you could vote up this issue: https://developercommunity.visual...-the-next-row-in-the-debug-w.html

Fyi, a reply from Microsoft to another issue suggests that they did this for accessibility reasons.

Thanks, and happy programming!
- Manu