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CS:APP3e Hardcover to Germany?
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Hello again,

does anyone from the US know a source for this book that ships to Germany.
The affordable sellers I found sadly don`t do. ($150+ from other vendors seem a little steep)
I would really like to buy the US Version, because I really like quality...

I hope this question is not inappropriate.
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CS:APP3e Hardcover to Germany?
The price is so steep I fist thought it was out of print. Weeks passed and I then discovered 150$ is the price for a new, still in print copy.

For my part I finally did bit the bullet and bought it full price, but I do hope you can find at least a second hand copy at a more sane price.
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CS:APP3e Hardcover to Germany?
I actually found some used copies for around $90, but they don't ship to Germany. I guess I also have to pay up...

Simon Anciaux
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CS:APP3e Hardcover to Germany?
Did you try to go in a bookshop to see if they can't order it at a lower price ?