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C Programming: Intro to Computer Programming Course
5 months ago Edited by Nick Kane on Aug. 20, 2020, 1:26 a.m.

My name is Nick, and I have been a fan of the handmade community for awhile now. When the series was first beginning,
I was already teaching myself how to program. I even enrolled in a community college in order to take an introduction
to programming course and a C programming course as well. Taking these two courses on my free time took two semesters
since the introduction to programming course was a prerequisite to take the C course at this particular community college.

After taking those course, I was able to have a better understanding of the introduction courses made by Casey, and I was
actually able to follow along with the series up until around the days where 3D position was starting to be introduced;
unfortunately, at that particular point I felt like I was just repeating what I saw in the lesson(s) and not really taking
the time to try to understand the material. At this point, I regrettably stopped watching the series.

When I was attempting to learn programming as a completely new subject, I personally found a lot barriers to entry for myself.
This year, I wanted to attempt to create a course that was aimed at people comfortable with using computers, but they might be
new to the topic of programming; additionally, I thought it would be nice to introduce a language instead of using some type
of abstract pseudo code like my introduction to programming course in community college.

Currently, the course is hosted on Udemy. Below is a link for a free redemption to the course; additionally, since Udemy
only allows me to generate a redemption code that valid for 30 days I have no issue create another one for someone to use
if you just shoot me a message on twitter.

For the course, I tried to use stuff that I thought was generally easy to set up and get started with. As I stated before,
my target audience would be people that would be new to the topic of programming. That being said, it is also my first time
creating a course or "content" in general; therefore, I am completely open to constructive criticism. If you notice any
errors or incorrect material, please point it out to me and I will do my best to rework the material to be correct.

Thanks for your time and this community is amazing,

Recently, I felt that I wanted to revisit the handmade hero series from the beginning, and I am again on day-0016.
Re-watching this series has reminded me of how much my core values on programming topics align with this general overall
community. This community should be proud of the tools and content that they have created, because it is some of the best
programming material that I have consumed out on the internet.