Aissac is a first experiment in writing programs that can play video games. The program should watch the screen and submit user input the same way
that a human player would and not have any direct access to the game's internal state. It will be written from scratch in a handmade style with
minimal libraries. This is definitely a program I do not know how to write so much of the experience will be learning and I hope to write about
problems and solutions as they come up.
I chose "The Binding of Isaac" as a first game because I understand how to play it well. It is not however a toy example but as a real time action
game will hopefully hit many of the topics I wish to dig into such as AI/planning, constraint solving, control theory and machine vision all with the
necessity of real time performance.
Hopefully in the future we can expand into other games, 3d games, puzzle games, different genres, etc. And who knows, maybe the tech we develop will
be useful in other areas for other projects. If any of this sounds interesting stick around and maybe together we can learn something.