Rituals isn't going to get much development attention from me for at least another month. I've been working on some of the design elements behind it, and I feel like I've got a better idea of what will actually be in the game and how all the parts interact. However, until I'm ready to start testing them, I'd rather not go into detail; everything is liable to change until it's proven to work.

So what happened in March?

Well, I joined Handmade Network's education initiative! You can read Abner's post about that. Over the last couple weeks, I found some inspiration to make a map editor for Source games VMFSketch ("vmf" stands for "Valve Map Format"). I have a fair amount to talk about from making this, but it's getting late and I said I'd finish this article today.

Also: I'll be streaming my work on the Ludum Dare this month; it's the weekend of the 21st. This is also the 15 year anniversary of LD, which is pretty exciting. Hopefully this one is a good one.