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Here it Comes! Almost

Jeremiah Goerdt
Welp, it's about time I stop cowering in fear and get some Lysa users. A few Patreon backers will be getting a VERY early prerelease version of Lysa in the coming weeks, and I'm not sure my body is ready for this.

It has been quite a long time working on Lysa. I've mostly been doing it part-time, and I took my fair share of breaks, but it feels like I need to get this thing out into the world. Feedback, bugs, people yelling at me to get shit done, etc. is gonna be good... I hope.

Anyway, I try to put updates on Patreon for what's going on, and I'll soon be writing more super secret posts for the backers who have access to Lysa. If you want to jump in or even just sit back and watch it all go up in flames, head over to Patreon. There is a post about the imminent release that went up just moments ago.

You stay classy.


Nice! :)
Wo0t! This is great news.