A little bad news and a update on what's going on. First, the update:

I'm writing a simple gui debugger in Nim using Lysa. This will stretch out what is possible for people who want to make their own standalone debugger and expose any necessary updates to Lysa.

After the gui debugger is usable, I'll have a handy new tool that will hopefully replace GDB for me and I will move onto writing a game in C++ where the major goal will be to build useful in-game tools with Lysa. Again, this will drive more updates, changes, and fixes to Lysa.

That's the short of it. Now, onto the bad news:

I have to cancel streaming for the foreseeable future. Real life has gotten pretty crazy lately and I have struggled to keep a good streaming schedule. I hope to find time for ad hoc streams from time-to-time, but for now I'll just have to work on Lysa alone in my lonely basement.

Development is still going strong and I hope to see some of you *actually* using the library soon. Go login to Gitea and break stuff!