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Art Update, pt. 2 (12/8/2016)

Hey again!

Just to share some progress, I'm going to be posting a couple screenshots from the pixel artist I've hired to work on the game, Ergg. He's been making lots of art, and it's coming along swimmingly!

You can see the map-style is starting to come along quite nicely! This isn't an actual in-game map, just a mock-up of one made by Ergg, but all of the map elements he's made so far (tiles, objects, etc.) are visible. There seems to be a mysterious door... I wonder what that could be for. ;)

It might be a bit unclear what exactly that door actually is for... Perhaps an updated picture of the door will give a clue:

Do some of these symbols seem familiar? (the new door is on the left)

Hope you guys enjoyed! More to come later :)
Neo Ar,
*gasps at the mysterious magical doors*
Jeroen van Rijn,
Are they stargates that you open by playing a tune? ;-)
Ryan Fleury,
You might not be too far off, Kelimion ;O