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orin tresnjak

No updates on this project yet (I'm still adjusting to life in the Netherlands and haven't had much time to work on it), but I did make a game for the GameHouse game jam last weekend, using the framework I wrote for bytopia:

orin tresnjak
I'm still settling in to my new life in the Netherlands, and haven't had much time to work on bytopia. So just another quick tip, for now, on how to select the high-performance GPU on laptops with both integrated and high-performance GPUs (including external enclosures like Razer Core):
orin tresnjak
Whoohoo, first blog post...

So! Almost at the exact same time as this project was approved by Handmade Network, I was offered and accepted a new job at GameHouse in the Netherlands. I currently live in my hometown of Washington, DC, so, uh... it's going to be a bit of a move.

Bytopia isn't going anywhere, to be clear!--but updates might be a little slow for the first few months.

In the meantime, please enjoy this portrait of the other developer I'm working with on this project, Mr. Percy B Shelley.

He's excited too.