First off, i'm super pumped to have HUMBUG confirmed as a real project on HMN

Mostly misc things changed since last update:
  • Better indication of current running status and reasons for stopping
  • Loading the binary and run/rerun were separated in order to handle PIE binaries, you should only load once with PIE, because every time you load, your functions will be at a different address and that "breaks" the breakpoints.
  • Also added a start/restart button, which automates the common task of stopping the executable at the entrypoint. (instead of having to do 'b main')
  • Collapse-able threads. This isn't just for UI, it also doesn't load stacks for collapsed threads, so its an optimization
  • Thread/Stack list is now scroll-able with buttons at the top remaining stationary...
  • Added better error messages for source viewer not opening up source-code
  • Also added GUI and command line interfaces for connecting to a GDB server instance
  • Source viewer has history now, so you can quickly go to previous places
  • Source viewer also has ability to pin the current location, to a button at the top, (simulating a tabbed interface)
  • Source viewer also can search globally for symbols, (like a function) and jump to it, no matter what file it is in.
  • Also, there is rudimentary watch window support, (it also does registers) but its got bugs, and is currently WIP (I was really hoping I could claim this as a completed feature, but maybe I'll have it next time..)
  • And there were few bugs that were reported, and I have fixed most of them

Again, BIG THANKS to my testers!

Source and Thread window features:

And our almost watch window: