Updates on alpha 0.5.0

Some time ago I've decided to not rush this build and delay 0.5.0 for a bit.

0.5.0 is basically ready but I don't want to publish something right before leaving for a vacation. Therefore it will be about 2-3 weeks before I will publish this one.
This build brings a few changes to how I distribute codeclap which I will quickly outline here.

What changes with 0.5.0
0.5.0 will be the first release that you can buy for a one-time price; no strings attached.
Since codeclap is still alpha and "not ready for production use" (in a professional sense) this stage will have a lower price tag and you will get access to all 0.x and 1.x builds without any additional cost.
As soon as 1.x is ready this price will increase while still only giving access to all 1.x builds. So there is no disadvantage for early purchases.

One last note
Once 0.5.0 is available, everyone who has contributed to this project on Patreon will receive a single-use voucher to reduce the price of purchasing 0.x by at least the amount they have contributed on Patreon. The Patreon page will likely be disabled once codeclap is up for purchase (besides the fact that it is outdated because codeclap won't be Linux only anymore).

With the actual release I will try to push out as much information about the current state of the project as I can (something I have not been good at for the last couple of months). But feel free to ask in case you require some specific features or want to know about something in particular.
Looking forward to the release. Where do you plan on selling it?
Looking forward to the release. Where do you plan on selling it?

For now it will be available on itch.io, simply because it is the easiest way of distributing something worldwide without studying gazillion tax laws and tax rates.

I've already pinged Casey some days ago and got back a bit of feedback which leads to me doing some last minute fixing these last days (some platform specific issues, some usability issues).
Ho my god. I totally missed the very existence of a linux debugger being done here.
I'm very exited to try and buy it :)
Jan Dellsperger,
I'm also looking forward to trying it out. Together with 4coder we'll soon have a complete handmade devenv for linux :D