Last one of the three. 0.5.10 fixes the last remaining major issues. This one also improves the handling of individual threads on macOS by using the appropriate Mach interface.

I will take a little more time for 0.6.0 in order to give it the necessary testing on all platforms.
Daily releases are not only a bit taxing but also spammy for too little improvement.

Among other things I will look into cleaning up synchronization between the debugger and the OS interfaces (in cases where cleaning up is actually necessary but I think the manual pause button for example is a little bit broken on all platforms).
0.6.0 will also be available on all platforms at the same time again.


Changelog for 00.05.10
* [macOS] Inject a debugger owned thread into the debuggee to execute code instead of hijacking debuggee threads
* [macOS] Changed the thread handling code to use the correct Mach exception port mechanism
* [macOS/Linux] Fixed an issue in SysV call generation that would not correctly reset the stack pointer after the call making it impossible to execute any expression after that call
* [DWARF] Fixed a regression that would leak one memory allocation when unloading DWARF debug information