​0.6.4 is an intermediate step to 0.7.0. Normally I likely wouldn't package this up separately but there are 2 fixes in this for issues that have been communicated to me and prevent functional usage of codeclap in these cases. There are already a few usability improvements, the UI is more configurable and should now also display correctly in most HiDPI setups.

Download at: https://codeclap.itch.io/codeclap

Changelog since 0.6.0

* Give most of the "jump at" and "break at" shortcuts priority over other panels and input fields
(Allow jump shortcuts to be used when having the expressions or breakpoints panel focused, refocus debugger panel when jumping)
* [DWARF] Fixed a regression that would fail to execute expressions using a relative offset from a register
(This caused clang emitted location to fail because being based on rbp instead of the current CFA)
* [Windows] Small input system improvements to not miss some key combinations
* Follow cursor in breakpoint panel
* Allow to pin the output window removing the resize handles and the titlebar from the window
* Persist position and size of the output window

* Added a global settings page to control a few common configuration variables
. Show lines in the debugger view
. Show raw byte values in the assembly view
. Assembly syntax
. Memory view orientation (addresses increasing or decreasing)
* [macOS] Improved compatibility with older versions of macOS
* Double click on text inputs to select the entire range

* Implemented DPI awareness
* Fixed a bug in the memory view that would not correctly highlight the edit cursor in the char section for anything that is not 4 columns
* Fixed an issue that would only allow hex inputs (0-9, a-f) to be input in the char column in a memory view
* Follow cursor in memory view when editing

* Changed the output window shortcut to have priority over other elements in any panel
* Changed look of the resize handles on different panels and windows to be more comparable with common controls
* Changed the behavior of most UI elements to not receive or block scroll events
* Changed look of the scrollbar
* Moved the button to kill a thread into a context menu for that button since this option probably has no wide use and shouldn't be used by accident
* [Linux] Fixed parsing /proc/../maps files for lines with a device column with either major or minor using more than 8 bits
* [DWARF] Correctly handle DWARF 4 line section headers
* Fixed scrolling in the memory view when having something other as 4 columns (the position wouldn't scroll by an appropriate amount to not shift columns)
* Reduced the spacing between the thread button and the pause button in the top panel
* Automatically stop editing when changing focus away from the memory view and within edit mode