As promised this is a small build without the finished overlay changes for 0.8.0 which will require a few additional weeks. "Jump to any" is now more organized and the autocomplete overlay should be more useful by not showing a lot of results without any context. Using "tab" to focus the overlay with the default keybindings is still a bit unintuitive but I will require a bit hands-on time to see if this is a good compromise to not interrupt expression input.

One unplanned improvement is that attaching and detaching to and from running processes should now work better (or at all) on all platforms.

Download at:

Full CHANGELOG since 0.7.2

* [Windows] Fixed unexpected behavior when run on pre-Haswell CPUs
* Consolidated the "to/at any" dialog and the expression autocomplete dialog to use the same layout and interaction
* Changed the interaction with the autocomplete dialog to use the standard keys. The autocomplete does not have focus by default hence not blocking confirming the expression input. Use the old autocomplete key (tab by default) to give focus to the autocomplete overlay
* Made the autocomplete results more specific. Global variables are only shown from the current compilation unit. When used as a struct only members are shown.
* [macOS] Changed text input to use the correct "command" modifier instead of ctrl for more input
* Added missing "cut" action (ctrl/command + x) to text inputs
* [Windows] Fixed a crash during pdb parsing when a DBI entry without associated stream is present
* Fixed an issue that would cache a reference to an incorrect debug information entry causing an infinite loop in the debugger view
* Added an autocomplete overlay to the breakpoint panel
* Settings panel: Added the ability to disable autocomplete overlays for the expression and breakpoint panels

* Added the ability to shrink the stacktrace using a resize handle on the upper border of the stacktrace overlay
* Fixed a regression that would wrongly align elements in some panels until the mouse hovers over them
* Changed the "jump to any" dialog to use a column layout for different jump options
* The maximum number of elements in the "jump to any" dialog is now configurable
* Added resize handles to the jump to any dialog
* Changed the "jump to" dialogs to not show up when in the settings area
* [Linux/Windows] Fixed an issue that would prevent the autocomplete dialog to not show up because the default shortcut for the expression panel uses "ctrl" which is also used to select multiple elements

* Do not leak resources when detaching from a running process
* Fixed different scenarios where attaching to a running process would fail
* [macOS/Windows] Correctly detach on exit
* [Windows] Fixed a regression that would cause an enum to have different values in idbg_custom.dll breaking the pause and kill functionality in the top panel
* Fixed a potential crash on exit because of an incorrect interpretation of pending actions
* Fixed retriggering a redraw when a shown debugger view has no stacktrace shown for it
* Fixed a regression that the output window wouldn't be shown next to the attach panel
* Added a search field to the attach panel
* Fixed a regression in the "jump to any" dialog that would activate a different item than selected before