Issue/feature tracking and preview

Since the next update hasn't quite arrive yet here is a quick rundown on what's happening in c[ode]clap land.

Public issue tracking
I've started to maintain a public list to track issues and upcoming features. After considering github for a while I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't have that much advantage to offer, the only one basically that everyone could simply use their existing github account to post new issues and comment.

The issue tracking is located here: https://issues.codeclap.cc
Currently the list is read only and curated only by me. But that may change.

Sneak peek for 0.8.28
Here is a recent screenshot packed which lots of the additions coming soon with the next update

In the screenshot is the new syntax highlighting with a quick "variable tooltip" on mouse over, two new tables for threads and stacktrace, as well as new expressions for linked lists, image data (x and y are evaluated as expressions so using variables there is possible) and assembly visualization as an alternative to mixed mode.
Because of the unusually long input content the expression alignment is a bit off, that's already an open issue.
Looks great, looking forward to this one
This looks awesome ! :D