alpha 0.9.0

c[ode]clap 0.9.0 took quite some months longer than originally planned but is now available for download.

The changelog for this release is rather extensive as there where a lot of changes, fixes and new features. Therefore I won't copy the whole lot here, for anyone interested, here is the whole list with all tracked issues for this release.

One handy new feature is the new "Modules" panel which show all loaded sections and which debug information provider is being used for this module.
On Windows codeclap now uses DX11 and is now runnable on a vanilla Windows 7 installation without any additional components.
The next update is scheduled to be available later this year while 1.0 is planned to be ready some time in Q1 next year.

As there isn't yet any comprehensive documentation available here is a small list of all combinations of platforms and debugging format that have been considered during testing for this release:
* Linux: gcc 8.3.0 with DWARF
* Linux: clang 7.0.1 with DWARF
* Windows: msvc (VS2019) with PDB (non fastlink)
* Windows: msys2, gcc 9.2.0 with DWARF
* Windows: msys2, clang 8.0.1 with DWARF
* Windows: LLVM 7 with PDB
* Windows: LLVM 8 with PDB and DWARF
* Windows: LLVM 9 with PDB and DWARF
* macOS: gcc 9.2.0 with DWARF
* macOS: clang 11.0.0 with DWARF

Libraries to load core dumps are shipped for all platforms, however may not work at all and are not yet "officially available".

macOS: Tested was macOS 10.15, all versions >= 10.10 should still work. This is also the first bundle that is notarized.
Windows: Tested was Windows 10, all versions >= 7 should still work.
Linux: Tested was Debian 9 and 10 x64, all distributions with Linux kernel >= 3.2 should still work.

Download at: https://codeclap.itch.io/codeclap
Issue tracker: https://issues.codeclap.cc
Ho my... do I miss C programming.
I have to test this new version !
Simon Anciaux,
Thanks for all the changes and fix.
Dumitru Frunza, Edited by Dumitru Frunza on
Good job, thanks!!
Have been using CodeBlocks and CodeLite IDEs as debuggers on Linux, but both have annoying quirks which I just have to put up with, for lack of better tools.
This new codeclap-0.9.0 release is exciting - it's such a fresh and liberating debugging experience, compared to the other tools.