0.9.1 is now available as a bugfix release. This update fixes a few recent bugs and one uncommon situation causing a crash. There was also a very noticable slowdown rather specific to Windows which should improve with this build. There are still a few situations causing reduced responsiveness. It is planned to improve these in one of the next updates.

I've kept 0.9.0 uploaded in case something was missed due to very limited testing time.

CHANGELOG for 0.9.1
* 0000268: [General] macOS: guard c call sites from objc exceptions
* 0000265: [UI] debugger panel can be slow trying to locate inlined code regions
* 0000267: [UI] selecting the topmost stacktrace entry displays incorrect return cursor in debugger view
* 0000269: [UI] incorrect window rendering after opening any kind of platform file dialog
* 0000240: [UI] dragging a source file onto the debugger that is known from debug information but wasn't displayed before
* 0000246: [Expressions/Watchpoints] Windows: ,img displayed incorrectly after stepping
* 0000253: [General] expanding a large array and trying to focus all entries with "ctrl + a" overflows
* 0000239: [UI] quitting the debugger with active expression tooltip (using keyboard) prevents the tooltip from showing up again
* 0000249: [UI] deselect text field selection when pressing cursor keys even when the cursor doesn't actually change
* 0000241: [UI] minimizing codeclap causes failure to display the window properly until resized
* 0000242: [General] incorrect locking during expression changes can cause bad memory access in the debugger/UI

Download at: https://codeclap.itch.io/codeclap
Issue tracker: https://issues.codeclap.cc