Hello everyone,

first I want to thank you all for your feedback, support and keeping this community going over the last couple of years. Here is a quick end of the year codeclap update.

Possibly the most important development was getting initial support for AArch64 up and running. If everything goes well this will ensure near-term compatibility with M1 Macs as well as Linux on AArch64. While the initial porting required quite some work, adding even more architectures should be a lot easier in the future. At the same time I combined these efforts with a lot of optional refactoring necessary to keep a maintainable code structure for the years to come.

The next update is scheduled for 15.03. This should provide the necessary time for testing on all new platforms and to take a look and possibly incorporate individual feedback.

Looking at the coming year the major goal is to reach an initial non-beta release and start moving forward with new ideas from that point.

Take care and see you in 2021