Update 0.9.7 is now available.

From a user perspective 0.9.7 is more of an iterative step from 0.9.5. Performance from syntax highlighting and the UI in general should be a bit better. Also, some recent incompatibilities (newer macOS and Visual Studio versions) have been fixed.

A more extensive list of changes can be found here: https://issues.codeclap.cc/changelog_page.php

Under the hood there is a huge amount of changes. In order to achieve compatibility with AArch64 this update switches from XED as the central assembly component to LLVM.

That is also why this release is larger than usual. I will be looking into getting this down a bit in the future but removing unwanted dependencies doesn't seem to be that easy with LLVM.
Because of this there may be a few regressions but at the moment I am not aware of anything too bad.

The build for M1 is not quite ready yet but is close to being finished and is planned to be available for the next minor update.
I was only able to go through a bit of feedback for this update but will continue to do so for 0.9.8.

A rough roadmap for this year is:
  1. Minor Update ( smaller bugfixes, Apple M1 build
  2. Navigation Update (0.9.8): add project explorer to navigate in the source, overall improvements regarding source navigation
  3. Improvement Update (0.9.9): no new features, speed and stability