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Long term viability
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I have recently started doing C development on Linux, and remembered about Lysa from way back – only to find out that it is esseantialy dead due to the developer moving on.

While I did find CodeClap, I am wondering if you have some plan in place to ensure the longevity of this project? Open-sourcing old major versions, or atleast a promise to open-source the app if the decelopment halts for more than a year or so will be great, if I am going to be building my workflow on top of it.

For reference, 4Coder seems to provide that guarantee (though I don't know if they still plan to hold to it).

EDIT: Or even source license, as long as it is not obscenely priced might be a way to go.
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Long term viability
Thanks for asking and I am glad you found codeclap.

Should development end I will very likely just publish the code.
I may also publish individual parts of the application independently at some point.

As development goes on and codeclap gets closer to a finished product I am planning to address this issue further. Solutions such as escrow agreements or incorporation seem excessive at this stage.

However codeclap does not have any online activation, subscription model or any external communication in order to transfer information. This means that as long as the development environment stays the same, the application will also continue to function exactly the same way.