Hello everyone!

I am happy that Wemi build system has been accepted to be here, with other great projects. First off, the current state of the project: I am using it for all my projects (that don't need any extra features that are not supported yet) and so far, it has been great. Wemi makes it very easy to do complex setups, which would be impossible or messy in other systems (for example the build setup of Wemi itself), as well as simple quality of life improvements, such as the "debug:" configuration (which will be included in the next release), that allows to debug any java process forked from Wemi. Want to debug tests?
./wemi debug:test
will do it.

Next up, there is not much getting-started documentation yet. The code itself is documented and something like specification also exists, but it is pretty dense. So in the near future I will try to create a few tutorial pages. I don't expect anyone to use this for anything even little serious just yet, but it would be nice if people could play with it and provide feedback.

Also, the project doesn't have a license yet. I usually license everything with MIT license, but for this one, I'm thinking of Mozzila Public License 2.0. Let me know if you have an opinion about this, I don't want to discourage anyone from using and/or contributing to the project.

After that is done, I want to focus on testing and improving the core and, most importantly, start working on plugins. Currently, I'm planning to add these:
  • Hotswap - to test the plugin system and allow code hotswapping. This functionality is already in the JVM, and I have already done it for SBT, so it shouldn't be hard.
  • Android - probably the most useful one
  • MOE/RoboVM - two plugins actually, both to allow JVM code on iOS (ultimate goal is to support libGDX on all supported platforms)
If you have an idea about other plugin I could add to the list, let me know.

That is it for today. I will release version 0.3 soon, I just need to do some more (mostly IDE plugin) testing. Among many other fixes, it will feature support for incremental compilation of Kotlin (Java already compiles pretty quickly).