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[News] Handmade 2017! How does it end?

Hello folks,

This is a short one since we're essentially working on the two major things I announced last month:

(1) I'll be streaming the handmade education meetings. For the upcoming November dates, subscribe to the Handmade Network RSS Feed or follow the network's Twitter account.

(2) The Handmade Wiki is slated to release by the end of the year. The entire system is being developed as opposed to relying on some third-party site.

Confirmed -- Handmade Lessons and Wiki by Xmas!

We joked about this on Patreon. I hope that's the case! However, as I said over there, we always deliver and we try to deliver on time. Just please don't get too upset if we don't produce by Christmas -- and it takes us a week more or something ;)
Abner Coimbre,
I want to add that Gitea and Matrix are also still being worked on. I just wanted to emphasize the educational-related stuff this time.
Murry Lancashire,
Sounds good! really looking forward to more education in this area.

Already one handmade network project, raylib has actually got me up and running nicely with C, which is such a nice feeling to finally be making good quality stuff.

I'm very excited about the Handmade Lessons.
When someone asks "Where's a good place to learn programming", at last i'll have a good answer.
Keep up the good work!