Hi there, everyone!

I hope you've been doing well! There was quite a bit of exciting activity happening in the Network in August.

Special Event Stream Recording

The special event stream was a blast! I certainly had a good time, and I hope that all those who attended did as well. If you weren't able to make it, then a recording has been uploaded for your convenience. Check it out!

New Project: GBEmu

We recently welcomed Handmade Network's newest project, GBEmu, to the site. This is a handmade Nintendo Gameboy emulator, featuring a ROM debugger! Try it out, or even better, make a ROM for it yourself!


Community member paked is taking initiative to start a One-Thing-A-Month event, in which community members develop some software project to completion for a month. This might be a game or another application. If you'd like to participate (which I strongly suggest you do), then here are a few links for you:


That's all I have for this month, but don't forget that I can't cover everything; there is lots of stuff that I have missed! Be sure to explore the network to see all of the exciting work that everybody is doing. I'll catch you folks around!