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[News] Handmade Seattle, Discord, Project Updates, and Community Showcase

Hey, everyone; I hope you're all doing well! I have a few exciting updates to share with you this month regarding the site, Handmade Seattle, some of the projects here on Handmade Network, and the usual community showcase posts.

Handmade Seattle

I've been talking about this for awhile: Handmade Seattle, a conference about handmade software being put on by Handmade Network co-founder Abner Coimbre, is coming up soon! It's taking place on November 16th, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. Multiple projects from Handmade Network will be there, including both 4coder and The Melodist, as well as a large number of handmade programming projects from elsewhere!

Ticket sales are limited, but you can still pick them up. Get them while you still can here!

Handmade Network Discord Account Linking

It's now possible to link your Handmade Network website account with the community Discord server. This will give you a special role on the Discord server. Click here to link your account.

Interview with Odin Creator, Ginger Bill

Odin is a project here on Handmade Network. It's a programming language, intended to be a modern alternative to C designed around the values of the joy of programming, simplicity, readability, and performance. It is written from scratch. The language creator, Ginger Bill, was recently interviewed. I highly recommend checking out the recording of the interview:


RISCY BUSINESS creator and community member miotatsu recently posted some updates on a few projects that he worked on which will be released to $5 Patrons of RISCY BUSINESS. Firstly, is a Trello-style project management tool he wrote known as ActonIt. Secondly is a new version of a library written by miotatsu known as nwr_mem, which is intended for providing building blocks for writing custom allocators, and is meant to optimize for the common cases first. You can check out the most recent changelist for the library here.

New Project: Büchse Web Engine

We recently welcomed a new project into the family of Handmade Network projects: the Büchse Web Engine! It's a custom web engine for blogs and portfolios, written from scratch.

Community Showcase

As always, I have a number of awesome community showcase posts to show you that have been posted in the community Discord (which you can join, by the way!).

Dan Zaidan's Break Arcade Games Out

Community member Dan Zaidan wrote an entire game from scratch, live on stream. He worked on a game that experimented with the classic Breakout concept, and applied it in unusual and creative ways. He is to be releasing the game on Steam soon; you can check it out here!

If you want to check out the stream recordings of Dan developing the game, they can be found here.

rxi's Retro Nintendo-Like Synthesizer

We've all been wowed by community member rxi's work in the past. He continues to impress everyone with this work on a retro, Nintendo-game-like synthesizer, which we shows off in the following video. This synthesizer is integrated in to his handmade digital audio workstation software, which is written from scratch.

Croepha's Home Computer

Community member Croepha has been working on his very own, literally handmade (meaning actually made by physical hands) computer. He has posted a lot of work on it, and has been showing off quite a few videos and images of his work. Here's one of those images:

To see more, I recommend joining the Discord server and taking a look at some of the videos Croepha has posted; he has been quite thoroughly documenting his work, and it's awesome to see some hardware development happening in the community!

Odin's Inline For-Statement

Odin creator Ginger Bill showed off a new language feature: Inline for-loops!

yyam's Rhythm Game

Community member yyam worked on a small rhythm game called Squares for the LOWREZJAM. It is written in C with a small JavaScript layer, and is compiled to WebAssembly using Clang, without the C runtime library and Emscripten. Check it out here!


Phew, that wraps this month's news up; that's all for now. Thanks, everyone, for another month of incredible handmade work.

Until next time,
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Ginger Bill,
There is mistake on the last showcase:

"Odin creator Ginger Bill showed off a new language feature: Inline for-loops! This was previously showed off as an April Fool's joke by Bill, but Bill says it's actually a useful concept, so he decided to implement it into the language proper."

"inline for loops" were not an April Fool's joke. Built-in support for Quaternions were the (fully functioning) April Fool's joke. I don't know how I could make "inline for loops" a joke because they are really useful.
Ryan Fleury,
Ooh, thanks for that Bill. I must've misread the conversation. :)