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Pipe dream job
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Hi all,

I just moved to a new company and its not what I expected or hoped for. There has been 0 code reviewes since I joined and there is a clear lack of concistency in the code. This team I am on is the 4th to work on it, and the original devs have left.

I moved to this company hoping to find seniors to learn from (I only have 4 years working experience) in hopes to further my carreer to an architect or specialist in my field. However, I have not been learning from my team or the seniors, perhaps an IDE trick, or the SQL merge statement if I have to be honest. But not anything regarding how to optimize code, or desing something, or a way to approach something. In fact the latest task I was given there was a clear lack of information as to what the class library needs to do and what responsibilites lies with it.

A year ago I was working with an architect and he taught me a lot, also through code reviews or when we plan out something by drawing it on the board, and he would happily explain any concept I did not understand, and allow me to poke holes in some of his ideas, or he would randomly share patterns or concepts with me. He left my previous company before me.

I have been teaching myself front-end at this company(I dislike front end work) in order to apply the industry or recommended way of doing something in angularjs when I have to fix a bug or add a new screen to the project.

I don't see much passion or chatting going on between my colleagues about code or algorithms or data structures they have found. Although some of the front-end UI/UX guys do have the once off conversation about UI stuff.

At my previous company I got along well with my team and I could atleast share what I found while trying to imporve myself. Such as C# supporting SIMD, or some cool AVX asm instruction. Most time my colleagues would have no idea what I am talking about, but I could at least share my excitement. I have tried that at the current place but no-one has responded or opened a conversation about it.

Is it a pipe dream to want a work environment where people are also passionate about code, and look at the data structures they use? Should I rather try find that in some open source project? Or should I consider finding a different job.

I have read this article https://hackernoon.com/mcsoftware-b33888f5f7c and it makes sense and I can see that at work.

One thing that I also consider important is just having lunch together as a team. This I found at my previous company and some article explaining how it helps a team work better together which makes logical sense to me.
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Pipe dream job
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Is it a pipe dream to want a work environment where people are also passionate about code, and look at the data structures they use?

No, its not. That's why you ask about it in interview. The interview is not only about them finding out what you know. Its also about you interviewing them - finding out how the work is done, what's the environment, what people like or don't like, what's the daily process, how often are meetings, what are responsibilities, how does code look like, what's the process of changing it/committing/etc...
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Pipe dream job
I did ask them how they do code reviews, and turns out its not what they said at all.