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It's been so long ;)
[Resolved] "Feature Request" Bigger miblo support text
Edited by Jeroen van Rijn on Reason: Resolved
Page URL: hero.handmade.network/episodes
Description: Simply to make the note about Miblo's patreon much more noticeable!
Browser + version: N/A
Screenshot(s): Couldn't figure out how to get a picture :P

Matt Mascarenhas
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[Resolved] "Feature Request" Bigger miblo support text
Aww, cheers Connor! This is one of the things planned for the annotation system overhaul, but perhaps we could add it sooner. I have no idea how at the moment because it's a mixture of the old system and the new site, but maybe it'd be possible.
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So you're probably here to find some information about what I've done, what I am doing and what sort of person I am right? well... Good luck!
[Resolved] "Feature Request" Bigger miblo support text
I also feel that our mascot err.. I mean annotation Prince is under-presented
Jeroen van Rijn
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[Resolved] "Feature Request" Bigger miblo support text
The link to Miblo's Patreon page to support his annotation efforts is now much more visible on both the episode guide, as well as the individual video.
Jeremiah Goerdt
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[Resolved] "Feature Request" Bigger miblo support text
Nice work. He deserves it.