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Asaf Gartner
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Feature Request: List of Streamers
A number of people already have their own systems for tracking streamers, but we each have our own list of twitch usernames.
It would be nice if there was a url that included the twitch usernames of all HMN streamers that would be automatically generated.
Miblo also mentioned the possibility of having a mapping between twitch usernames and HMN usernames.
Matt Mascarenhas
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Feature Request: List of Streamers
Added to the list, although this should be super easy to do and will then be moved down to "Resolved". Better leave the decision where to put this file with Jeroen, since he's reworking the site.

About the mapping between Twitch usernames and HMN member names, for the benefit of the forum. The idea behind this is to enable linking to people's HMN profiles in the annotations. And as you mentioned in IRC, Asaf, this would additionally give you the ability to display HMN member names in your twitch panel. In fact, now we mention it the saner way would probably be to generate that mapping right now, rather than rolling its generation into the annotation system as previously planned. That plan, incidentally, was to make the annotation parser first look into the twitch-member table when it sees, e.g. @AsafGartner, then, if it didn't find the mapping, search the member names and twitch urls of all the HMN members for one that matches AsafGartner and, if there was more than one result, show them to us to pick which one we meant and add that mapping to the table. This may require a bit more thought, but on the face of it it seems to me like it'd be better to generate that mapping now, especially since the mapping can be used for other things than the annotations.