Handmade | Ep 9.1

Archive: Episode 9.1 (annotated)

Guest: Fabien Giesen

Setting: Twitch

What it's About

In part 1 of Fabien's interview, we explore his mindset and growth as he was growing up, how that got him into the demoscene and many other fascinating adventures before joining RAD Game Tools.

References Made

Assembly Language: The True Language Of Programmers

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Hornet Archive (Demoscene)

OPENCP 2.6pre6


fr-08: .the .product (farbrausch)

the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables

frp (farbrausch)

kkrunchy (pretty good executable compression)

fr-013: flybye(farbrausch)

fr-030: candytron (farbrausch)

Half-edge based mesh representations: theory

Half-edge based mesh representations: practice

Half-edges redux

Beyond3D (forum)

RAD Game Tools

Handmade Dev