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General Programming advice
I like to think programming has already improved my critical thinking and problem-solving skills, but there's always room for improvement. One unique thing about this forum is there seems to be some serious talent and experience on here, and some of the answers/advice/projects that I've seen are just about as jawdropping as Handmade Hero was when I first encountered it.

That said, feel free to leave any general programming advice that you have collected throughout the years. I've noticed, just as in any other trade, there are pretty lousy programmers, the majority seem to be average, and then there are superstars (Marti.... ahem...Cas...Abn....Alle...erm...so many more!).

Anyways, this isn't really about careers/jobs, but just straight-up programming advice for someone who wants to step up their game and become a superstar. Shed some light for the rest of us!
Mārtiņš Možeiko
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General Programming advice
I can tell you that you never feel like superstar. You always feel like there is a ton of things you don't know/understand, and there is never time to learn them all. And at the same time you know other people who know and can do these things. Then you think to yourself: "these people are smart, they are superstars". But when you talk to them, you realize that they feel exactly same as you (not superstars).