Ow! I just cut myself on the edginess of your posts.

My posts have about as much edge as safety scissors. If you manage to cut yourself on that, I can't be held liable.
The reason vim is one of the most popular editors, is because you can find it on every platform.

Indeed, the advantage of vim is that it's available out of the box on virtually every linux distro (barring maybe android/chromeos/etc.) and runs in the terminal so you can use it in headless environments. That's about where its advantages end. If you're not a sysadmin, or otherwise finding yourself doing that kind of work, there is literally no reason to ever touch vim.
As much as I try, I would never be as fast as Casey using any editor.

That sounds like a you problem.

Yeah whatever dude. lol

Its available on every platform.

TBH its a I don't care problem. :)