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Project Idea: Handmade Arcade Klassics
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I wanted to get feedback on an idea I've had. It's a silly idea to be sure:

What if there was a project that recreated a variety of the old arcade classics using Handmade principles?

Handmade Arcade Klassics!

HAK for short (which is what I feel like at times!)

I have two goals in mind for the project:

1) Handmade Network can have a growing list of arcade-like games (either straight clones or deviations) that are immediately playable. I plan on creating around 5-6, and then opening it up for submission to anyone who wants to make and submit a clone of an arcade classic (or even an original arcade-like game).

2) It would function as a kind of Handmade Hero training grounds. As an avid Handmade Hero (I was there with the first episode!) it'd be nice to be able to both attempt to solidify the knowledge gained by using it to create a bunch of small games while also giving back to the community as a way of thanks for projects like Handmade Hero. I certainly would NOT be coming to the project as an expert, but more of a student or apprentice.

I know its not original in anyway. But it'd be cool if Handmade had a collection of solid-made simple games that could function as a learning tool especially since Handmade Hero is getting up there in terms of complexity.
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Project Idea: Handmade Arcade Klassics
I would go for, at minimum, an Arcade Classics board showing games, ones that have been done, and links to projects and source code.

Thus if you really want to make a specific one, even if done many times, you have a lot of reference material to use to help you. Or if you want to put out something no one has tried, you can add a new entry.
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Project Idea: Handmade Arcade Klassics
This sounds like a really good idea! :)
Oliver Marsh
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Project Idea: Handmade Arcade Klassics
I think thats a great idea! love the idea of other people submitting games as well. I think it can be daunting choosing a big project and these would be great to play with, a stepping stone into bigger projects and practice grounds as you said.
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Project Idea: Handmade Arcade Klassics
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Getting people addicted to such projects is hard, but here is a fine list of arcades you can clone:

- Make a pong clone with the same graphics style as the original from atari 1972, including simulating CRT monitors flickering, scanlining and bending
- Write a pacmac clone with the same graphics style as the original from atari 1980
- Make a arkanoid or krakout (breakout with extension, items and enemies) clone in any graphics style
- Write a tetris clone with the same graphics style as the original from nintendo gameboy 1989
- Write a super mario bros or lode runner clone
- Write a marble madness or kirby dream course clone
- Write a rtype clone
- Write a mega man clone
- Write a turrican clone
- Write a lemmings clone
- Write a commander keen clone