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I am from germany, are in the mid thirties, are married, have kids and work as a professional software engineer since two decades now.

My love of programming began with a fine age of 6 with BASIC on the C64.
Since then i continously learning one language after another. I have written a ton of applications and a lot of game-tech stuff and a few game prototypes.
In 2011 i somehow got addicted to physics programming - especially fluid-simulations, so i made physics sph stuff and rigidbody simulations as well.

Two things i made which are somehow popular:
- Xenorate Media Player
- Fluid Sandbox

Since handmade hero i pretty much do C/C++ programming only and fully dropped my OOP mindset -> Casey opened my eyes. Also i fully moved from closed-source to open-source programming.

Right know i am focusing on writing a single-header platform abstraction library called FPL (Final Platform Layer).

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