Hi everyone,

i made another release for you all ;-)

This release contains several bugfixes, const correctness for the api, more key mappings and the ability to load icons.
In addition i revised and corrected all the code documentation blocks which are used to generate the doxygen documentation.

But one thing that i noticed is that neither visual studio nor clion shows me any comments at all.
So it seems that both IDE´s have no support for doxygen comments, or i decided for the wrong style.

Of course thats not everything i have done: There are new demos, two new single header file libraries and i started to write a game framework based on FPL.

The next release will hopefully nail down the entire linux support. Also i am planning to implement a simple audio mixer, to use audio streams in the game prototypes (I did a lot of preparations for that already).

As usual the release is tagged and the documentations are updated.

Here is the full changelog:

## v0.8.2.0 beta:
- Changed: Ensures const correctness on all functions
- Changed: Signature of fplDynamicLibraryLoad changed (Returns bool + Target handle parameter)
- Fixed: Corrected code documentation for all categories
- Fixed: FPL_ENUM_AS_FLAGS_OPERATORS had invalid signature for operator overloadings and missed some operators
- Fixed: Fixed fplMemorySet was not working for values > 0
- New: Forward declare thread handle for thread callback
- New: Added fplKey for OEM keys (Plus, Comma, Minus, Period)
- New: Added fplKey for Media & Audio keys
- New: Added fplWindowEventType_Maximized / fplWindowEventType_Minimized / fplWindowEventType_Restored
- New: Added documentation category: Assertions & Debug
- New: Added documentation category: Storage class identifiers
- New: Added documentation category: Constants
- New: Added documentation category: Function macros
- New: Undef annoying defined constants such as None, Success, etc.
- New: Added fplImageType enumeration
- New: Added fplImageSource structure
- New: Added icons as fplImageSource array to fplWindowSettings

- Changed: [Win32] Correct fplDynamicLibraryLoad to match signature change
- Changed: [Win32] Corrected function prototype macro names
- Fixed: [Win32] ClientToScreen prototype was defined twice
- New: [Win32] OEM keys mapping
- New: [Win32] Media & Audio key mapping
- New: [Win32] Handle window maximized/minimized and restored events
- New: [Win32] Load small/big icon from the fplWindowSettings icon imagesources

- Changed: [X11] Corrected function prototype macro names
- New: [X11] OEM keys mapping

- Changed: [X11] Corrected function prototype macro names
- Changed: [POSIX] Correct fplDynamicLibraryLoad to match signature change
- Changed: [POSIX] Use of pthread_timedjoin_np to support timeout in fplThreadWaitForOne when available (GNU extension)