Hi there,

today i want to give you a short overview of what the current state of FPL are and what will come in the future.

Current state:

The Linux implementation is becoming closer to match the same feature level as Win32. There is not that much tasks left for Linux at this point. Window, sound and video is already working and the only big thing left is Gamepad support for Linux - which i havent touched yet.
In the recent days i implemented the audio device selection for ALSA and added Semaphores. Also there are still a few functions left which are not implemented yet, such as toggle window resizable/floating and hiding/showing the cursor for X11.

But even in this state its working great! I am really happy how it turned out.
I finally have a replacement for GLFW/GLUT, which was my initial goal for this project ;-)
As a matter of fact i already successfully migrated all my C/C++ open source projects to it.

Future plans (Stage 1):

- Finish Linux support

- Add support for Icons
- Add DLL Export support

- Add support for UDP/TCP sockets
- Add Unicode-Support for commandline arguments (Win32)
- Add Multi-Monitor support
- Add Date/Time functions
(- Eventually add support for custom cursors)

- Add support for audio channel mapping
(- Eventually add support for simple audio resampling)

- Cleaning up the library

- Make youtube videos showing how to use FPL
- Finish documentation
- Start a extensive testing program and gather as much feedback as possible

- Release version 1.0 and announce it properly

Future plans (Stage 2):

- Add support for OpenAL
- Add support for Vulkan
- Add support for Direct3D

- Add support for other Linux based systems, such as Rasberry PI
- Add support for Unix/BSD
(- Eventually add support for MacOSX)