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Hi everyone,

i have a small release for you all!

This time i implemented the modern context creation for GLX and fixed the win32 wrong usage of _InterlockedExchange*64 for x86.

Also there are some news for you:

I recencly launched the website so i have something to host my documentations/tutorials/demos and provide mirrors for releases.

In addition i got myself a license for CLion, so i can fully work on other platforms properly. Unfortunatly i had to create a CMakeLists file for every demo project, otherwise CLion wont compile :-(

Also it seems that my ubuntu 17.10 installation needs to be replaced very soon, its extremely unstable - i always get crashes for almost everything. Maybe i will give arch a try.


## v0.7.4.0 beta:
- Fixed: [Win32] Removed x64 detection for fplAtomicStoreS64 and fplAtomicExchangeS64 and use _InterlockedExchange*64 directly
- Changed: [GLX] Implemented modern opengl context creation
I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro which is arch based last year and have not looked back. Might want to take a look at it if your looking for something different.