Hi everyone,

i have another release for you all!

All the Threading stuff is cleaned up and we use the identical mechanism from the OS.
Also i added Condition-Variables as well - the only thing which is still missing are Semaphores, which will come later.

In addition the documentation has basic threading tutorials now -> But i really need somehow to look over it and correct typos.

As always the documentations is updated and the release is tagged.

You can found the documentation here: https://libfpl.org/docs/

Here is the full changelog:

## v0.7.6.0 beta:
- Changed: Renamed fplGetRunningArchitectureType to fplGetRunningArchitecture
- Changed: Renamed fplThreadDestroy() to fplThreadTerminate() + signature changed (Returns bool)
- Changed: fplSignalInit() + new parameter "initialValue"
- Changed: All functions which uses timeout uses fplTimeoutValue instead of uint32_t
- Changed: Removed timeout parameter from fplMutexLock()
- New: Added struct fplConditionVariable
- New: Added enum fplSignalValue
- New: Added fplConditionInit()
- New: Added fplConditionDestroy()
- New: Added fplConditionWait()
- New: Added fplConditionSignal()
- New: Added fplConditionBroadcast()
- New: Added typedef fplTimeoutValue
- New: Added constant FPL_TIMEOUT_INFINITE