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Hi everyone,

i have a major release for you all!

ALSA playback is finally implemented and i fixed the thread signals for linux to match windows SetEvent() and WaitFor*Object().
Thanks Mārtiņš Možeiko for helping me out on this one!
Also i added a fallback in the GLX context creation to use glXCreateContext when GLX < 1.3 (Untested).

Documentations are updated and release is tagged.

Here is the full changelog:

## v0.7.5.0 beta:
- Changed: Updated documentations
- Changed: Small refactoring of the internal audio system
- Changed: Renamed fplMutexCreate to fplMutexInit + signature change (Returns bool, Mutex pointer argument)
- Changed: Renamed fplSignalCreate to fplSignalInit + signature change (Returns bool, Signal pointer argument)
- Changed: Removed mutex parameter from SignalWaitFor*

- Changed: [GLX] Use glXCreateContext with visual info caching for GLX < 1.3 and glXCreateNewContext for GLX >= 1.3
- Changed: [POSIX] All FPL__POSIX_GET_FUNCTION_ADDRESS_BREAK are wrapped around a do-while loop so it can "break" properly.
- Removed: [POSIX] All signal functions removed
- New: [ALSA] Added rudimentary ALSA playback support
- New: [Linux] Implemented signal functions using eventfd
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*sigh* Of course the fallback to glXCreateContext is not working -.- Will be fixed in the next version.