Short update:

All the documentations are updated to match the current implementation state.
In addition i added a few new functions to read out os and platform infos.

Lastly i removed the no-CRT codes to make MSVC happy (_fltused, intrinsics, etc.) -> The user is now responsible for providing such functionality itself.

Here is the full changelog:

## v0.7.2.0 beta:
- Changed: Signature of fplGetRunningMemoryInfos() changed
- Changed: Renamed fplGetSystemMemoryInfos to fplGetRunningMemoryInfos
- Changed: Added "p" prefix to linux and unix app state
- New: Added enum fplArchType
- New: Added fplGetRunningArchitectureType()
- New: Added fplGetArchTypeString()
- New: Added enum fplPlatformType
- New: Added fplGetPlatformType()
- New: Added fplGetPlatformTypeString()
- New: Added struct fplVersionInfo
- New: Added struct fplOSInfos
- New: Added fplGetOperatingSystemInfos()
- New: Added fplGetCurrentUsername()

- Changed: [Docs] Updated all documentations to match the current state
- Fixed: [Docs] Missing brief for fpl_extern

- Changed: [MSVC] Removed the compiler specific No-CRT block such as _fltused, etc. -> The caller is responsible for this!
- New: [Win32] Implemented fplGetCurrentUsername()
- New: [Win32] Implemented fplGetOperatingSystemInfos()
- New: [Win32] Implemented fplGetRunningArchitectureType()