Hi everyone,

i have another release for you all!

This time i finally implemented the software output driver for X11, as well reading out OS/System infos from Linux. Also i fixed some bugs and introduced fplThreadYield(). Oh and i removed the need of including glx.h from FPL - so you can finally use any opengl loader library you want properly ;-)

In addition i added a ton to the FPL_Audio demo, so i can load/convert wave files now - to test out the audio playback properly.

And finally i upgraded my ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04 LTS - seems to be a bit more stable now.

As usual the release is tagged and documentations are updated.
Documentations can be found here always: https://libfpl.org/docs/index.html

Here is the changelog:

## v0.8.0.0 beta:
- Changed: Changed from inline to api call for fplGetAudioBufferSizeInFrames/fplGetAudioFrameSizeInBytes/fplGetAudioBufferSizeInBytes
- Changed: Changed from inline to api call for fplGetArchTypeString / fplGetInitResultTypeString / fplGetPlatformTypeString
- Changed: Moved FPL_CLEAR_STRUCT to public api
- New: Added fplThreadYield()

- Changed: [GLX] Added types such as XVisualInfo directly without relying on glx.h
- Fixed: [Win32] Console window was not working anymore the second time fplPlatformInit was called
- Fixed: [GLX] XVisualInfo was manually defined, now we use Xutil.h
- New: [Win32] Implemented fplThreadYield()
- New: [POSIX] Implemented fplThreadYield()
- New: [Linux] Implemented fplGetRunningArchitecture()
- New: [Linux] Implemented fplGetOperatingSystemInfos()
- New: [X11] Implemented Video Software output for X11