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Back from holiday

It was quiet on this project for a little while, but now i am back from holiday!
So here is a short progress about the current state of FPL and what is coming next.

What i have done since last time:

Since last time i haven´t done much, just added a few missing key translations (plus, comma, minus, etc.) and fixed up the C++ enum operator macro.

But i added another game demo (FPL_Towadev) which is a technical tower defence clone i am making for a code challenge.

While making this game, i needed a sort of game framework for loading fonts, doing rendering, mathy vectors, etc. so i started to built a game framework which is based on FPL. Also i moved all dependencies from all demo projects into a "dependencies" folder.
Oh and i have written two more libraries in the repository -> Final XML and Final Memory.

What will come next:

Clean up

- Correct code documentations
- Bugfixes

Finish up the linux platform:

- Gamepad support
- Window resizable/decorated/floating
- Window minimize/maximize
- Window cursor show/hide
- Clipboard text set/get
- Get memory usage stats

Finish documentation:

- Add missing sections into the doxygen documentation

Beta 0.9

After i finish up all these things, i will start a extensive beta testing program and then release it as "1.0".


Welcome back! Good to see things moving again. I've been lurking and keeping an eye on how things are going.

Keep it up ;-)