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Crtical Release v0.7.8.0

Hi everyone,

i have another release for you all!

This release contains a ton of bugfixes and improvements. Also i collapsed down all argument and platform initialization checking to macros. In addition i implemented a few missing features for the POSIX subplatform and added a few new functions.

It would be great if you can upgrade to it as soon as possible and report back any issues you might have. Thanks!

As usual docs are updated and release is tagged.

Here is the full changelog:

## v0.7.8.0 beta:
- Changed: Collapsed down all argument checking using macros
- Changed: Use FPL_CLEAR_STRUCT only when it is appropriate
- Changed: All public checks for fpl__global__AppState returns proper error now
- Changed: fplGetAudioHardwareFormat returns bool and requires a outFormat argument now
- Changed: fplSetAudioClientReadCallback returns bool now
- Changed: fplListFiles* is renamed to fplListDir*
- Changed: fplListDir* argument for fplFileEntry is renamed to entry for all 3 functions
- Changed. fplFileEntry stores the fullPath instead of the name + internal root infos
- Changed: Introduced fplFilePermissions in fplFileEntry
- Changed: Removed flag fplFileAttributeFlags_ReadOnly from fplFileAttributeFlags
- Fixed: Fixed a ton of wrong inline definitions
- Fixed: Fixed GCC warning -Wwrite-strings
- Fixed: fplDebugBreak() was missing function braces for __debugbreak
- New: Added fplEnforcePathSeparatorLen()
- New: Added fplEnforcePathSeparator()
- New: Added fileSize field to fplFileEntry
- New: Added struct fplFilePermissions
- New: Added enum fplFilePermissionMasks
- New: Added fplDebugOut()
- New: Added fplDebugFormatOut()
- New: Added fplWindowShutdown()
- New: Added macro FPL_STRUCT_SET

- Changed: [POSIX] Removed all pthread checks, because there is a check for platform initialization now
- Changed: [Win32] Changed fplListDir* to support fplFilePermissions
- Changed: [Win32] Showing cursor does not clip cursor anymore
- Fixed: [POSIX] Fixed a ton of C99 compile errors
- New: [POSIX] Implemented fplListDirBegin
- New: [POSIX] Implemented fplListDirNext
- New: [POSIX] Implemented fplListDirEnd
- New: [X11] Implemented fplWindowShutdown()
- New: [Win32] Fill out fileSize for fplFileEntry in fplListDir*
- New: [Win32] Implemented fplWindowShutdown()
Simon Anciaux,
Why is this "Critical" ? It looks like click bait. And there is a typo in the title.