Hi everyone,

i just want to give a short update about the current state of FPL and what am i working on right know.

Since the last version, i started adding proper multi-monitor support and so far it already works on Win32, except for X11 which i havent touched since last release. As a matter of fact, since the last release i never booted my linux system nor touched the CLion IDE at all.

So for a change of pace, i decided to fully work on the documentations which are far beyond from complete.
So in the last two weeks i was constantly working on adding new pages/sections to the documentation. But there was a problem: Navigating around the documentations file gets harder and harder as it grows and it is painful to not have at least syntax highlighting.

Therefore i have written a small C#/.NET editor with partial syntax highlight capabilities which parses the doxygen file, showing me a tree, so that i can navigate in it very fast and easiely. In its initial state i already are much more productive in writing documentations than before, but its far from being good. The identitation are totally off and i really need to add some basic spell checking in there, so i can at least check for obvious spelling bugs. Also adding a C syntax highlighter would be helpful as well, as i have tons of code-examples in there now.

So obviously my current goal is to finish that editor and finish up the documentations. After that i will resume working on the X11 side of things and after that i am pretty much done with FPL - which hopefully gets finished at end of this year.