I want to give you a short update about the current state of FPL.

The recent weeks i didn´t had much time to work on my projects at all, either i was sick or i was doing family stuff. But i finally finished the doxygen editor now and in its current state, you can actually use it ;) Of course i open sourced it, so you can find it on github as well: https://github.com/f1nalspace/doxygeneditor

So i have now a tool, to finish up the documentations - which is my main goal right now.
After that i will complete the X11 side of things and consider the library to be done, at least for now.

Regarding networking support, i was thinking a lot about that and it seems making a good api is not that easy - so i may add that later, when everything else is done. Therefore, its not my top priority right now.

And yes, i still havent booted to my linux system yet...