Happy new year everyone,

to start off in this new year, i would like to say thanks to everyone!
Thanks for your support, for your help and of course, thanks for using FPL ;-)

I really hope this year will be much better than last year, as i had a very rough year and it already started sad with a funaral of a good friend of mine. But not lets talk about sad things, lets talk about happy things and the future of FPL.

Next version of FPL

Version 0.9.3 will be released this month and will contain bugfixes, improved compiler support, a full multi-display API, full support for using FPL as a dynamic library and updated documentations.

Future plans

I tried to built-up a roadmap for future FPL releases:

@NOTE(final): Ticket/roadmap/milestone planning tool -> Github?

Version 0.9.4:

- Complete all the @IMPLEMENT tasks
- Introduce a low-level network API for UDP and TCP
- Add date-time functions
- Add support for audio channel mapping, so FPL can properly playback to all audio channels
- Add PulseAudio audio driver
- Add OSS audio driver
- Add vulkan support

Version 0.9.5:

- Finish up all the documentations
- Finish up all demos
- Create video youtube tutorials

Version 0.9.6 - 1.0.0: Feature-Stop

- Bugfixes
- Testing

State of the Doxygen-Editor

I was happy with its last state, but adding more things to the existing crappy codebase was extremely painful - especially when i tried to add new features, like for example multiple files support. So i started to refactor the editor a lot with multiple files support in mind. This way i can modify and validate both code and usage documentations at the same time - which is very important for me.