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When the last HMN Jam was going on, I really wanted to create a programming language. So I started, recreating the tokenizer 3 times and giving up because I knew nothing about programming languages, parsing or recursion. But here I am almost 9 months later, having spent 10 days creating the project from the bottom up. I now have some basic compilation from my language to C and it has been very fun to work with. Currently I'm writing the programming language in Python, but I intend on making it self-hosted one day:

Working on an HTTP server in C Compiled without optimizations and stripping it is 18 KB. The main thing I'm working on right now is URL routes and adding support for POST requests.

Project Ogic Programming Language

Didn't get as much work done as I wanted (again). _(my sleep schedule is too messed up for this 😅 _)

I extended and simplified the tokenizer. Now there's also a basic "grammar" checker for the programming language. Here's a picture showing some code as well as the error that's caught before compilation.

The next step after this will be compiling to C as well as extending the checker and tokenizer.

Project Ogic Programming Language

I got started way later than I wanted to. In 2 hours I managed to finish my tokenizer for the programming language.

I learned some C that I previously avoided because it was intimidating.

  • Using enums
  • Passing values by reference
  • Tokenizing

Image of some text and what the tokenized output would be: