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Got asked to make a quick demo of two soft-body circles colliding. Definitely room for improvement, but I got it working!

Finally: Smooth, working collision that I understand as well as I understand my rendering code.
Not sure of the name of this algorithm, but how it works is by calculating the start/end times of a collision in each axis (in frames, capped at 0-1); if those times overlap, it's a collision.
Hopefully, I can expand/replace the collision system a lot easier in the future if I ever outgrow this one.

Finally, I have enough stuff in place to give a better picture of what I'm making.

I don't have proper occlusion nor fade-out for when the foreground should be in front of an entity, but hopefully this gets across the basic idea of the game idea this engine was built for.

First step towards making my 3d 2d platformer game: basic rendering looks done enough that I can probably do something else now if I want. Not sure whether I'll focus on physics next, or if I'll expand the renderer to handle connectivity.

Probably won't be able to work on this more today, so it's time to consider this day 1 of &vireac. So far it's just parsing a copy/paste of its own assembly code from msvc into a bunch of colored circles, but all the different instructions are distinguishable, and I can scroll through them easily. Step 1 is complete.

Step 2 will be grouping them up based on the c++ code that produced them, and trying to make them visually distinct by shape rather than color.

I finally have a renderer that generates the shapes I want for terrain in one of my game prototypes, completely algorithmically, entirely within the vertex shader! It turned out to only need about 16 lines of code, not counting comments/whitespace. Maybe it took longer than it should have, but at least I can say I thoroughly understand 3d math now.

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