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&cuik Been making changes to the CLI, also the spinning triangle is doing as spinning triangles do... that's right, compile correctly

Getting closer to having parsed & type checked my entire compiler with itself 🥳, ignore the .cpp file, it won't be doing that one, instead i'll probably convert it to valid C file &cuik

Made a small demo for generating COFF .obj files for windows, it does enough to print a simple formatted string (ping me if you've got questions or see something wrong in the code): https://gist.github.com/RealNeGate/428a274496ce9852e06f9db1852b6cc2

Getting somewhere with line info on my Cuik C compiler

It's becoming a proper project now (not complete :p but now people can view my ""masterpiece""), the disassembler itself will most likely be part of the Cuik toolchain once i fix that up: https://github.com/RealNeGate/disx86

Working towards a simple x86 disassembler library! (left is me, right is dumpbin)

Got the IOCCC donut working with only minor changes to be C11 compliant (no default int, no implicit decls)

Added an AST dump to CuikC behind a little -emit-ast option

Added a very undescriptive and very early "time report" feature to my compiler where it tells you where time is spent 🙂

Got the restrict pointers working 😄

I've successfully failed at hello world :kekw:

Attempting to make an visual for my optimizer, still early but the idea is there... ish